Hard Work Pays Off: The Big Announcement!

It has been a solid four months and so much has happened I do not even know where to begin. This past month marks a year spent with the horse who really has given me so much joy I cannot begin to express it. Chance came into my life as a resale project and because […]

Once In a Lifetime?

I have had amazing friends, I have had memorable boyfriends and I have a very supportive family. I have a friend who I have had since I was in kindergarten and my closest friends since high school. I have a best friend who lives completely across the country and is doing her own CSI thing, […]


n. the¬†understanding and ablitiy to read equine¬†behavior beyond the scope of normal interation Everyone wants that gallop down the beach, bareback, no bridle, just you and your horse relationship, how to get there is the question. Tonight I spent some time watching a Pat Parelli 30 minute show. Pat is an amazing teacher, encouraging just […]