first captured leap

Horses lend us the wings we lack  Today I finally got some update photos!  We got to ride with friend A and her sweet boy. Had a few laughs and mused about goings on as well as jobs in the horse industry. Always a hot topic with Equine Science students in the current job market, therefore we frequently […]

The Marketing Genius that is: The Horse Whisperer

Who Was the First ? My answer, who the heck knows!!!! I am really starting to get tired of men complaining to be the true “Horse Whisperer.” Growing up I was a faithful disciple of the Monty Roberts movement, I have always seen him as the original, and I have always respected him because he seemed […]

Minimize to Maximize

“Make the wrong things hard, and the right things easy” -Buck Brennamen Sometimes the most important thing you can do is nothing at all, just the other day I read a blog about having quiet hands, and how keeping yourself quiet so your horse just has a rock on his back. Ironic, because if I have […]