Book Queue

Ok, I saw this idea on “Bread to be Eaten’s” website, and how fabulous of an idea I found this to be.

This book Queue will be a running list of books I am reading, and ones that I intend to read, and hopefully get more ideas of fabulous books from readers about more to read! I am officially starting this list on September 2, and I refuse to put dates on these books I am reading, but I will make a note of where I am starting.  Also stolen from Bread to be Eaten, I will start a star system… 1*-5*.


The Double Bind- **
Memoirs of a Geisha ***
Stormchasers- Jenna Blum *
Flying Changes- Sara Gruen ****
Riding Lessons- Sara Gruen****
Those Who Save Us- Jenna Blum *****

Current Read- Beautiful Ruins

Summer 2011 Reading:

1. A Girl and Five Brave Horses (Sonora Carver’s Biography)- Sonora Carver *****
2. The Glass Castle- Jeannette Walls ****
3. Half Broke Horses- Jeannette Walls *****
4. Into the Wild- John Kraukauer ****
5. The Choice- Nicholas Sparks ***
6. The Other Bolyn Girl- Philppa Gregory*****
7. The Bolyn Inheritance- Philippa Gregory ****


Summer 2010 Reading:

1. Wild Ride- Anne Hagedorn Auebach***
2. The Horse God Built- Lawerence Scanlan **
3. Julie & Julia- Julie Powell ****
4. Such A Pretty Face- Cathy Lamb***
5. Atonement- Ian McEwan *
6. Trinity- Leon Uris**
7. Gone with the Wind- Margart Mitchell **
8. The Time Travelers Wife-Audrey Niffenegger **
9. What to Wear to See the Pope- Christine Lehner*
10. Into the Wild- Jon Krakauer ***
11. A Walk Across America- Peter Jenkins ****
12. The Good Thief- Hannah Tinti **
13. Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert ******

Fall 2010

1. Ominivors’ Delima- Michael Pollan**
2. Sarah’s Keys- Tatiana de Rosnay***
3. The Sun Also Rises- Hemingway***
4. Cleo, The Cat Who Mended a Family***

Please comment and suggest books! I am always looking for a new book, and my new favorite!!!


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