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About me, About Simple Changes
I am Becca and I live in Northern Colorado, attending college in hopes of someday accomplishing my goals. I have been in the horse industry for multiple years and one of my greatest joys is teaching lessons. I have done a variety of disciplines, from endurance riding in high school, dude ranching, some cattle work, and my personal favorite the english disciplines. My goal is to event on a large scale, I have the foundation and the drive, I just need my chance.

I have completed an Equine Science degree and a business degree, but I figured out that one of my goals, and a feasible career is to do equine therapy, therefore I am working on a psychology degree. I hope to someday also freelance for some major magazines, as I have been published in AQHA and Horse Illustrated already.  I have loved horses since I was three and ridden since I was 5, and have never stopped. Despite the fact that I have never owned a horse outright, I have competed and trained professionally. Basically horses are my life, and I love to write about them. Although I am young, I just hope to continue learning, to teach and to someday achieve my goals.

Colorado Clarity
Feel free to visit my other blog, it is basically about anything but horses in my life or that sparks my interest. (www.coloradoclarity.wordpress.com)

Above all, just enjoy reading, I hope you liked what you read, and please direct me to your blog as well! I am always looking for new reads and new topics to explore 🙂


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