Six Months of Change

Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl at least once in his life

Well, I last posted well over a year ago, and at that time I was working very hard with Chance to continue our improvements. It would have been only about 3 months later that Chance’s attitude took a turn for the worse and we began to backslide. Nearly every ride was a bit of a battle and he was rarely sound.

Long story short, six months ago I said good bye to my best friend. Chance had an old injury to his hip from his racing days in which I thought I would always battle, but just keep nursing. It turned out that about May 15, 2013 he finally told me what he had been trying to tell me for a while, that what I was doing to him was too much, he was done. I took him to a vet in Phoenix who confirmed my thoughts, that he was pretty much destroying what was left of his hip socket. He could be a pasture pet, no more.
For me to ask a six year old HOT thoroughbred to be a pasture pet while we walked in constant pain was too much, so I made the incredibly heart wrenching decision to put him down. Chance, my Chance and I took the final walk, the most painful walk of my life and I gave him the peace he deserved. Too soon. It all happened too soon, I only had Chance for two years, after only planning to have him for six months top…. but boy did he make an impact on me. I loved his quirks, his tendency towards mischief, his athleticism…. his eyes. I loved most his eyes, always looking toward me.

July 3, 2013. Six months, 2 days ago. Such a hard decision, among other turmoil in my life, this was definitely a change. I miss him daily, but I still know, as all horse people do, that I made the right decision by the horse, however, even now a huge painful lump forms in my throat as I think of those last days, our last ride, our last treat.

I still remember the reason I named him Chance, and I really feel like a better name for a horse could not be had. Chance gave me opportunities to grow as a rider and as a person that I never could have found without him. He taught me so much and his final gift to me was another AMAZING Chance- we’ll get to that soon. I will forever remember that horse, the horse he was, and the horse he could have been. I know he is running on clouds and spooking all the other horses with his naughtiness. And most of all, I know he is no longer in pain. I miss my Chance.



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