Hard Work Pays Off: The Big Announcement!

It has been a solid four months and so much has happened I do not even know where to begin. This past month marks a year spent with the horse who really has given me so much joy I cannot begin to express it. Chance came into my life as a resale project and because of his injuries and everything he has found a semi permanent home with me. If I could find him his perfect match I would really love to move him on, but for now he and I are partners.

This summer I took a job at a camp outside of Estes Park, about 1.5 hours away from home, which has not only eaten my gas money, but provided me with so much learning and some good times. I was the riding director for a small horse program with some wonderful staff members, some horrible staff members, some wonderful horses, some horses who jump on top of you in the middle of a river, you know the usual horse job. I rode some amazing trails, rode some amazing and funny horses, and got to know myself as a manager and as a staff member still learning. I got to really apply some first aid knowledge which I loved and generally had ups and downs, but mostly ups. BUT. Here is the

BIG NEWS. I got a job. Not just a job, but one that might blossom into a potential career, or if not a career, I have a job to do for the next few years. I am headed back to Arizona, to the camp you might remember I worked at in 2010, but this time as a faculty member, or a provisional one for the next year. All I know at this point is I have a job, I will be working with the horses, be part of a team have dorm duties 😦 and will be bringing my horse and cat with me. Not a great knowledge, but it is enough for me right now…. I am Ms. Flexibility…. or I am  trying to be. Oh, and I leave in (Checking calender) 10 days. TEN. TEN DAYS. I will be renting a Uhaul, shipping chance and packing the kitty to join me. Although I am slightly panicked, I am also so very excited to try something new and really stretch my legs. And it is a job with horses, that is pretty much all I could have hoped for.

I just cannot express to you, how much it means to me to have found this job. It was offered to me on my last day of classes, and I know just how lucky I was to have this opportunity, literally as I was graduating college (oh yeah, I graduated!!!) I got the job of my dreams. I hesitate to use the phrase dream job yet, as I am not even positive what the job is yet, other than teaching and dorm duties, but it is a job with horses and that it all I wanted since I was 5 years, no, 3 years old. Against all odds, I am the only person I know who got the job they wanted just out of school, and it was not luck- I did not simply fall into this position, I worked from the time I was 10 years old to make a name for myself and to prove that I was not just another horse crazy girl who would grow out of it. I followed my heart and made it happen. Finally after blood, sweat and tears, I made my dreams come true. If you had asked me 10 years ago, what I would be doing right now, chances are I would say exactly this, working with horses, owning a horse and being happy. And boy oh boy am I happy.

This was just a quick catch up post, I might post again more about Chance news and the details of the move, but tonight, I just revel in typing these happy words and again bask in the warmth of achieving my dreams.


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