stepping stones.

Horses lend us the wings we lack.

Today Chance was a rockstar- again. Still working on our left lead, such a weird thing for a off the track thoroughbred to have trouble with especially when we are jumping 2’6. Oh yeah, by the way we bumped some fences up to 2’6 today!!! Ok, it might have been a tad under, but nearly there!!! The best part of the day was that we got some awesome pictures. He looks sooo good and my leg needs work, but the foundation is there 🙂 It sure makes the little crossrail pic from the other day look like a bit of a wimpy picture, but all well :

I cannot believe I have had him for five months! What an impressive progression we have made. Sometimes I wonder if he was just too easy, I mean as thoroughbreds go he is a very mellow and tolerent horse, sometimes he gets excited but never hot, and I forget that he really is only 4. Atleast we reached our goal of jumping 2’6 and we can now just keep working at this level. Again, I need to make myself bust out the dressage saddle and get him off his forhand a bit more. I am just over the moon about this exciting step though. What a boy!

Still looking forward to our goals for the summer, and now they seem a little more in our sights. He is ready to go higher, and now we need to get our coursework down and school cross country and dressage. On our way. On our way


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