muttering about the cold

stupid stupid cold. There are 2 days left of classes. 5 Finals. 2 Presentations. One Paper. 14 days until I go to my parents for christmas and 19 days until Ireland/European Excursions. I am slowly checking things off the countdowns. I am also doing that in the first big cold snap to take over Northern Colorado. By cold snap I mean the high the other day was 10*. UGH. Usually this cold does not hit until January or February, which is such a bummer, yeah, global warming my sweet tuckas.

I have not been able to ride for a week, as my four year old thoroughbred reminded me the moment I took up contact on the reins today, he launched like a rocket into racing speed. It took me a while to mellow him out. We did so many transitions mostly from sitting trot to posting trot to halt to walk and variations of the pattern. He eventually loosened his jaw and listened to me, I even threw in some canter transitions, and despite a few jumps from the starting gate some of them were as smooth as butter. It is nice when hard work pays off. Only got the left lead once today, and that was inadvertant, at best. Some days it is like his left leg does not exist, so incredibly annoying, especially on todays like today where one off move turned him into a bundle of nerves again. I am further bummed because work and classes prevent me from riding the next couple of days. Hopefully the weekend temperatures will allow riding, I even feel bad for Chance when it is so cold. I figure if I am miserable he is probably not comfortable either. At the least I probably dont ride my best then either.

stupid stupid cold.

I started looking at the 2012 eventing schedule. I am so very excited to actually have my sights on it. My goal is to do a couple of beginner novice events. Beginner novice is the lowest recognized USEA level with jumps up to 2’7. I think it is a good goal, withstanding that Chance can handle it. I could not be more excited!!! I really hope that it works out. With the whole graduating thing on the horizon, I am a little concerned that I might set goals and then be unable to reach those goals- but it never hurts for a little planning. Here’s hoping I can get a ride to these events, I think the first big purchase when i get a real job will be a serviceable truck and trailer.

Graduation. Impending. What a thought. I really really hope that I can find a job, or something that will sustain me. I could stick with the same job I have now, but it is not really fulfilling, or pay well. I would like something in the horse industry, but who knows. I have been searching job sites and intend to invade the next few equine events with a business card (which I am now making the mental note to create) and my resume with the hopes of conning my way into a job. Here’s hoping!

stupid stupid cold. Back to creating a presentation for tomorrow. Back to freezing my rear off. Back to wishing I could ride my horse.

stupid stupid cold.


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