first captured leap

Horses lend us the wings we lack 

Today I finally got some update photos!  We got to ride with friend A and her sweet boy. Had a few laughs and mused about goings on as well as jobs in the horse industry. Always a hot topic with Equine Science students in the current job market, therefore we frequently discuss our dream jobs and our potentials for earning etcetera. Hopefully will have lovely news in the future in these areas, but for now I look for options and watch my fellow students find both dream jobs, or coffee shop jobs. It is a bummer.

Anyway, Monday I rode chance for the first time in 4 days, and he was quite hot. For Chance that is, for your usual ottb he is mellow as can be, but for Chance he was rather hot, we got nothing accomplished but a bit of cantering around, jigging and spooking.

However poorly monday went, Tuesday’s ride was solid, although still working on forward motion and going into the bit, while finding a nice balance between hanging on my hands. Right now he is tending to hang on my arms, constantly making my arms sore. I might need to seek some more help with that. Lots of transitions I think might be the cure for that…. also two gals at the barn set up a line of gymnastics, just 4 bounces in a row for now, and they were doing some larger verticals that Chance shied at, making me giggle, but I set up a ground pole to two 18” cross rails. It was also set up going away from the gate which helps me with my confidence going away. Chance trotted calmly up to the pole, but then put on the brakes the first time, so I let him, with a little scolding, but I let him look at it. Then I turned him right around and trotted back to it, where he took a hesitant little stride over the pole, tossed himself over the fence, weaved between the next fence and fell over the second fence. Once he had his first time though to get the feel for it I gave him some kisses before each obstacle. giving him more momentum over the fences and let him bounce right through. He gained quite a bit of scope going over the fences, so I forced my heels down to keep myself from losing balance, but we made it though. Once he gained confidence with those I added a third fence which he wanted to stop at but quickly got the hang of it with some encouragement. Now he bounces through like a pro, sometimes getting even a little too forward through it, getting messy, but we have found a good balance.

Today! Today we rode with friends, giving us some one to chat with, but also more distractions, looking at the pictures I need more leg and a shorter rein. Apparently I got a little lax riding with friends, regardless we did get both some functional pictures and some cute ones, which I will not photo dump, but will spread out over a few posts. The exciting picture of the day was his first jumping photo. He looks very cute over the fence, taking off rather evenly behind, but his knees are hanging and are uneven, so hopefully it might just be this picture and the timing might just make it look a little funny. Otherwise I like his spot, and I love his expression. I also like how he stretched out his neck to allow him to use himself over the fence. That is my analysis of this picture, but I would love to hear more comments about him, always open for critiques. For me I am still a little self conscious about my appearance, but riding wise I am a little pleased. I needed shorter stirrups, but my heels are decent, leg could be more forward, but my back is flat and miraculously my eyes are up. Little too forward, but that is always what I am working on, soooo continuing to work on ‘butt back.’ Phew. Did I tear it apart enough??? Overall good picture and good progress for my little four-year old I think 🙂 Could not be happier with the Chance I took on him.


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