Late Thanksgiving Post

Happy Late-Thanksgiving to my blogger friends out there in the interweb!
My thanksgiving was filled with family and baby nieces and nephews. What a joy they are to see. My family is from a different town in Colorado, therefore I have been away from the farm for 6 days, and my upcoming week is filled with tests and assignments due. UGH. I have one semester and three weeks left of my college career, if I can just get through these last few weeks. Terrifying. Because I have been away from the farm for a few days, I have no new Chance updates although I miss that little boy just so much…. golly, even though he has been in my life for 4 months he sure has made an impact. I am still toying with the idea of leasing him out, and I did put out some feelers to see if anyone was even interested, but nobody has responded yet.

I have to be so thankful for so many reasons on this week of thanks. I reread my blogs from the past few years, and what a whiner i have been! My oh my, I cannot express how refreshing it is to have a horse in my life who is all mine, who I can have my own adventures on and with, who I decide where we go, if we show, all that fun. What a new and different and incredible experience it has been.

Tomorrow I get to give a presentation about rodeo to kids at work, which I am thrilled about. I love getting kids excited about horses, about the history that horses have with kids and generally the fun they bring to all of our lives. I love the questions, the joy and all of the fun that comes with talking about horses with kiddos. I am bringing my western saddle, which is probably quite dirty…. I am sure. Oops. Bringing bridles, brushes, and all of the tools of the trade. They are going to learn about rodeo events, and see some animals, although I regret not having a trailer at my disposal to bring a horse in…. but it is what it is. Doing things like this make me realize how much I bitterly miss teaching, and I hope that beginning this summer or whenever I get a real-ish job I might be able to start teaching again. It is decent pay, and I simply adore the kids and the incredible experiences that I can give them. Fingers crossed I find some way to begin teaching again.

Well, I am headed back to school tomorrow, cannot wait to see chance and to give my presentation for the kids. Wish me luck on tests and such…. I am really stressing about it. Sorry for the shallow and slightly boring post, but my brain is about to break!


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