Left Lead Woes

Today was a busy day, I cleaned the barn, which is one of my favorite days. I get to feel responsible, take care of the horses, contribute to the barn looking nice, etc. It makes me feel needed. I miss doing regular barn chores, it kept me in shape and kept me outside for more time than just riding. Is scooping poop a weird thing to miss??

I did as I promised myself yesterday and made myself ride dressage today, although my makeshift dressage arena needs a little work, so I only schooled in there for a while. We did indeed get our left lead in the dressage arena, but only for one lap, and with quite a bit of slippage, so we meandered to the short side of the big arena. Mostly we worked on responsiveness today, and he was actually extremely attentive today. I got him to the point that I could just think about one leg or the other and he would move off of it, which was an awesome feeling. He was a little more forward than usual, but I will take it. I rode with a dressage whip, but hardly had to use it, I wonder if that made just a little bit of a difference. I am also continuing to work on getting my dressage seat back, I am so used to riding in my jumping saddle that transitioning to my dressage is a bit of a fight. Sitting back, opening my hips and looking up are among my main goals. Regardless, we had a decent ride, but getting the left lead off of a bend remains an issue. He seems to only want to pick it up with his haunches thrown in and no bend or a slight outside bend…. teaching him to pick it up the usual way is going to be interesting…. I am going to need to watch him from the ground to identify if it is his bad hip causing the issue or a habit developed from the track.

I read another post about a horse, and they were commenting that they had leased their mare out, which I have toyed with a bit. I wonder if Chance would be a good lease potential. It would take a little financial strain off me, and help him get ridden more, if I am busy. It would be a matter of finding the right rider, however. I think that is the key with any lease situation though. Food for thought I suppose.

It is officially thanksgiving break and I should be doing homework right now, as usual, but instead I am sitting online and watching my favorite tv show, gilmore girls. I am planning on getting in some really solid rides, and hopefully convince someone to take some pictures of us! What a treat that would be. It has been about a month since we have had the opportunity for a photo shoot. Stay tuned for some pictures I hope…. and maybe a few of my superstar baby jumper!! Anyway, on to conquer the world of homework, including a reasearch paper for equine reproduction. Gee, I need to come up with a topic, oh brother.

Cute horse picture from Breckenridge 🙂


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