Second Chance

“I’m so lucky to love something that loves me” 

I cannot afford a horse. I do not have time for a horse. I have never owned a horse. Or so I thought. I am currently working my butt off, working into the wee hours of the night to make up for spending so much time with my tall dark and handsome man….here is our story:

Today I sit here as a college student, broke as the next one, avoiding homework to pen a long awaited entry on this neglected blog. I just got in from the muddy barn where I spent time grooming my horse. My horse. I will never get tired of saying that. Just about two months ago I was informed about a horse who needed a home. A dark bay gelding who needed a chance. Well, needless to say with a little, no a lit of pushing and debating, I took the trip a couple of hours away to visit him and felt a tug on the heart-strings by looking at a horse who just wanted to please. When not understanding what I asked of him he did not go berserk, he simply stopped and looked, his rangy forelock fell over his eyes and he looked just like he needed a person. I don’t think I heard a word of what was being said around me after meeting the gelding, I was only thinking about what a risk this was. What a disaster it might become.

I brought him home the next day.
Registered with the name Hunkavicar, he is a 16.0-16.1 off the track thoroughbred after winning one race and racing in Colorado and New Mexico, he had 11 races, some health issues and was only 4. This gelding continues to surprise and impress me. Everything I have asked of him, he does, his first ride was a dream, nothing but a willing ride.

I christened him Chance. I actually had picked out the name before I decided for sure that I was bringing him home…. because for me, he is a chance. With the place in my life I am at, much of my life is left up to chance and taking on such a responsibility is a huge chance. I thought my kitty was a lot. Wow, this is a whole other ballpark. (Even though that kitty is the apple of my eye.) The fates must have been looking down on me because Chance is exactly what he was given by the girl who brought him into her home. Without her taking him, who knows where he would have ended up.

Since I got him, aware of who he is and where he has come from, I have said that I will do whatever Chance wants to do, if he can jump, then we will jump. If he just can walk trot and canter the arena, I will do that. He does like to trail ride, I have already discovered that, so he will do that…. basically, he is my buddy. All I care about is that I have gotten the Chance to be a part of his life, and to be potentially a nice chapter in it.

My friend said to me the other day that she wonders if horses talk to each other about “having a little girl.” If down the horsey grapevine they hear about having someone feed them treats and love on them. If they know what it means to be loved by one person, and if they do, then I hope Chance realizes that he has that. I know this sounds cheesy, but I feel like he and I have a bit of a similar story, I have been hurt, I have been mediocre, I have felt lonely, but I have been given a chance by some amazing people in my life, and I feel like Chance sure found that in the girl who helped him, and in me. That he truly has the opportunity to feel loved and to feel like a special horse, because with his heart, he is. Honestly, sometimes it feels like horses pick their person, and maybe Chance picked me… it all sort of fell in line, and here we are. He is a dream come true… in that a horse is what I have dreamed of since I can remember, and there is not a moment that I am with him that I do not feel like the luckiest girl in the world, like I am still the little girl in pigtails wishing for her pony, I am the “grown up” version of that girl.

I thank my lucky stars for the friends who have helped me get here, and for the fates who connected these two souls needing second chances.


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