Job Seeker: Bum Trying to Make it in the Horse Industry

I am currently taking a summer entrepreneurial class (I know- nerd right?) and now all I can think about is business business business. I am currently working with a horse under a consignment to sell. Mmmmm liquidity event! (Cash flow from hooves to my hands…. I hope) I am working with an up and coming Non-profit and it is ironic that at this very moment that I am learning about how to build a business, I am in the midst of helping one come up. Atleast I hope.

Is it possible to make money in the horse business? Well, the bottom line is no… but how about a non-profit? I mean, that means the business is funding itself, not making profits for other investors etc. Do the run off of grants? Donations? revenue? Who knows…. all I know is that I might eventually be running one, and now I am getting a crash course. I am also getting a crash course in branding, and how to maybe make money off of something that is not in itself profitable. Those four legged poop machines.

Maybe I am ahead of myself, someday I still want to work with at risk youth, or mentally ill kids and help heal them through horses. I seem to have a knack to be able to fall into favorable situations, and this one might be. Can I hold out till then? Work odd jobs to make ends meet? Like ranchers always say “next year will be better” maybe my dreams could be closer than they were a few months ago. Can I survive it? More importantly, can the business survive it.

So here we go, horses have always been my future, but I was wondering if I would ever own, or if I would simply work for others… and I think that is where is leads… where I have always expected to go. I love managing horses, and I love seeing people succeed. Therefore managing something like a big business where I simply get a salary for all my hard work might be the way to go. On the side I will be able to write for magazines and eventually work towards doing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Yep. There is my life plan.

And somewhere in there I will be able to make some money and adopt a dog.

Today I signed up for the Linked in website…. does this make me a real life business person? Maybe. I did not even know what to put my current job as though. “Bum trying to make a living in the horse industry” seemed correct, but it also seemed a little unprofessional.  Volunteer for a Nonprofit? Good, but a little unassuming. Trainer? Well…. technically I do not want to be a trainer so I keep my nonpro status…. but then again, I will probably never show. Riding Instructor seemed a little bla-ze… so I went with Student and Equine Professional. Just vague enough to be honest, but a title that sounds good.

Right now I am riding some horses to try to prepare them for lesson horses, and the other one going to try to sell to make a little money, possibly to fund another horse turnover. Who knows. This might be the year that I finally own my own horse outright, and then sell him, and repeat. Maybe this year will be the year I make headway in showing. Maybe this year will be the year I will find a job in the horse industry. For now, I retain my status as a bum, scraping along and trying to hold out until one of my goals is acheived 🙂


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