Minimize to Maximize

“Make the wrong things hard, and the right things easy”
-Buck Brennamen

Sometimes the most important thing you can do is nothing at all, just the other day I read a blog about having quiet hands, and how keeping yourself quiet so your horse just has a rock on his back. Ironic, because if I have learned nothing in the last couple of days, it is that I need to take a life lesson in this area.

I have thought of nothing else lately, but getting to event, getting an extended trot, learning to fly on the cross country course, but all these near obsessive thoughts leads and has led me to a completely goal driven way of working with horses. Upon inner reflection I realized that this is how every interaction I have had with horses has felt to me, and probably to that hose too. Even in my round penning, I always have that natural urge to drive, drive, drive… and I forget the most important thing in Join-up or Hooking on is to stop the pressure and develop the partnership. This is the truth about horses, to form a partnership, not to always have the desire to show off and to compete, even though I have not been competing, I have had that mentality for months.

Lately I have made a most conscious effort to slow down, to think about the horse first and to enjoy every moment around horses. The other day I had such an excellent time teaching a young lady to get her chosen mare to follow her through join up. It was awesome to not only get myself partnered up with the horse, but also facilitate another.

I realized that in round pens, I do not always have to force the horse to turn to me, to come to me, but to back up the pressure, and more importantly to stop all together. It was a blast for me to get to that point for myself… but I cannot wait to watch other people, and mostly other kiddos do it, especially those who have never worked with horses before.

Sometimes I need to minimize my actions to maximize my horse’s actions. One thing I love about horses is that once you think you have it all figured out, they show you just how wrong you are. It is this constant give and take and the wisdom to see it that makes horses so incredible and makes them the true mirror to your soul.


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