Dancing through Life

Dancer is here!! He came a while ago, but it has been a while since I wrote, I suppose. He has come at the best possible time. At a time which I feel constantly lonely and very down, he is always there, and he always tries his heart out for me. Dancer is not my forever horse, but he is so wonderful in his own ways. This week we just spent some time together, I laid in the grass while he grazed around me, I sit on the barrel and he listens while I talk about my day and my hopes and my dreams. I love it… he provides companionship when I really feel like I need someone to just be my friend.

Horses have this amazing power to just be there for you in such a strong way, they are literally able to carry you far away from stressors and fears. It is incredible how they can simply lift you up out of your gloom. Depression can be crippling, it can be so controling, but perhaps horses can be a solution to that. I know I can vouch in my own way, that horses truely can be more theriputic than psychotherapy. They provide something to take your mind off of your troubles and they provide something that requires not only talent, but also practice. When a person is riding, and working they are engaging their mind and their body, and trying to not only improve themselves but the horse. Ifyou were to poll riders, I bet nearly every single one of them have had a horse catch their tears, or shared some sort of a joy with a loving hug from their equine counterpart.

Back in middle school and high school I really struggled with depression, I struggled at home, with friends, but mostly within their own mind. Dusty, my first love, let me cry into her long mane and took my fears away by soaring over jumps with me. She gave me the selft confidence I needed in my life, and I no longer felt awkward when we were cantering around the arena. She taught me how to truly care for someone, when she was hurt I was the one to help her recover, and when she passed away, she taught me the deepness that a mare can be in your heart. She got me through some awful friendships and she got me through my first break up. When I would think these horrible awful thoughts about myself and my family she really taught me to overcome.

I read a blog recently about another girl about my age and her horse who got her through an awful time in her life, and it simply confirmed my own opinions. I would love to make this something accessible to others, and make this avaliable to other girls (and guys) who really need someone to just be a friend, to be the escape to their everyday lives.

“Horses lend us the wings we lack”


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