Once In a Lifetime?

I have had amazing friends, I have had memorable boyfriends and I have a very supportive family. I have a friend who I have had since I was in kindergarten and my closest friends since high school. I have a best friend who lives completely across the country and is doing her own CSI thing, saving people one science experiment at a time, and I have had wonderful pets. The moral of the story is that I am surrounded by wonderful people and I have had best friends for life… but are horses your best friends for life? Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with an incredible horsewoman who taught me so much about horses in just two months, I would have loved to have spent the rest of my life learning from her, I digress. In her 60 years of dealing with horses I asked her if she had had a once in a lifetime horse, and she had. He was her show jumper, Cat. She spoke of this horse as though he was her lover, her child, her best friend, basically her world. I cannot imagine how many horses she has dealt with, but for her to claim he was her favorite… it is big.

It makes me think, have I already had my once in a lifetime horse? Although that thought is kind of depressing because I have years and years of working with horses, did I already have my one? Or is there “just one” is there a soul mate out there in horse form? Lately I have been dreaming very vivid dreams, mostly about Looker. He was not the horse that could take me to the Olympics, not even the brightest horse I have even seen, but he was the horse who could melt my heart in a look, and perhaps I might never replace in my heart. I have such strong memories of him, the way he looked at me as I was coming to get him for a ride, the way he not so polietly demanded a cookie, and how his canter was the best I have ever had. We clicked, he was incredible. He got me though a lot of tough times, simply by being a friend. He also taught me a lot about patience and love. These dreams I have, I never actually get to touch him, to ride him, but in my dreams I see him so clearly from a distance that i literally reach out to him, and I wake up with a heartache so real, that it is as if i were breaking up with someone.

I dont know if this is telling me that he was the one, that I will never replace him, but it sure hurts. It hurts just as if he were a family member or a best friend who left. I miss him as real as I miss my friends who are scattered across the country and even the world, and I wonder, did I have my once in a Lifetime Horse for only 2 years?

Do you/did you ever have that one horse? I would love to hear stories about your four footed soul mates.


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