Back in the Saddle

Tonight I only have time for a quick entry… school is getting busy (finally) and I have neglected my desire to post a couple of times a week. This weekend I am getting Dancer back, my roommate’s horse from last year. She cannot ride him this semester, so I am lucky enough to have him again. I cannot wait, I am actually counting down the minutes until I am back in the saddle. Hopefully having Dancer back will encourage a bit of a better lifestyle, I have really been neglecting myself in all the stresses of moving and such.

This weekend I am moving in with my best friend, speaking of healthy lifestyles. It is going to be great… but really I cannot wait to be able to expend my energy and frustrations into having a horse. Hopefully after this move life will be easier, at least I hope it will. I miss being busy, riding every day and having a bit more of a focus outside my own self. I am also hopefully working my way into a research position at school, waiting to hear back from that, but it will continue on my path to do Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, which requires grad school. Everything is so exciting, everything is new… but I am missing horses. I cannot wait to be back in the saddle.


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