Once In a Lifetime?

I have had amazing friends, I have had memorable boyfriends and I have a very supportive family. I have a friend who I have had since I was in kindergarten and my closest friends since high school. I have a best friend who lives completely across the country and is doing her own CSI thing, […]

Back in the Saddle

Tonight I only have time for a quick entry… school is getting busy (finally) and I have neglected my desire to post a couple of times a week. This weekend I am getting Dancer back, my roommate’s horse from last year. She cannot ride him this semester, so I am lucky enough to have him […]

From their Eyes

Equine Behavior: Emotions Lately I have been dealing with quite a few human emotions, and the more I learn and deal with my own emotions, or other people’s emotions and feelings, the more I attempt to relate this to the horse world. Therefore I thought I would explore my own opinions about horses and how they […]