Career Limbo

I am an equine science student at the best school in the country, I have been riding for 16 years, I have never known at all what I have wanted to do…. Except know that it might involve horses. Now, knowing that I have limited in this local sanctuary called college, I am really doing some soul searching and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life- with one parameter, horses. What a broad world this actually is, basically anything you would want to do in the “real world” you can find to do in the equine industry.

When I first came up with this seemingly ludicrous idea to attend college as an equine science student I was unsure myself of what that really entailed, I had really only been around lesson barns and a limited breeding establishment. For people who only see boarding facilities, people keeping horses as a hobby, or the typical backyard pet, the horse industry is virtually nonexistent. With that mindset the idea of making a living off of horses and the industry is akin to trying to make a living from being a philosophy major. It is very disheartening to be told over and over from parents, friends and my respected teachers and trainers that I could never do it. Sometimes it is so frustrating to attempt to explain what I have learned in 3 years to someone in the matter of a conversation. It is very sad to see college students who are just brilliant using their degrees to work in a coffee shop or making pizzas. This is the way the entire economy is today, because there are such limited jobs out there, and such an overload of willing workers, the fresh faced graduates have no chance of getting a job. We obviously do not have the experience of people who have been in the workforce so we take the jobs nobody wants. I am absolutely terrified of becoming one of those when I am just out of school. It is the same story I see over and over and it just is so upsetting to see. Most people I know are using this economy as a chance to go back to school, and I say, why the heck not? If you have no chance of getting a decent job, you might as well get more education.

As previously mentioned I have done so much looking and I thought I had settled on journalism, but now a job in equine assisted psychotherapy really has sparked my interest. I love the idea of using my experience in teaching horseback riding lessons to help people who are struggling. I have seen my friends absolutely blossom under the influence of horses. It has been an incredible journey to watch a close friend get her confidence and her control back, another to find her reason for living. Horses personally have gotten me though breakups, depression in high school, and so many interfamily battles. Recently horses have been there for me though the stresses of college and the consistency of having them depend on me is often the only constant in my life. I love paralleling how horses behave to everyday lives, horses are the best teachers I have ever encountered, they are patient, forgiving, loving and sensitive. If horses are as affective as they say they are in helping people suffering through depression, addiction, eating disorders, family issues… then I would like to be a part of helping people put their lives in line. In doing this search I am realizing the direction I may be taking in my education and finally might be able to have some sort of a career goal. For the first time in a long time I am excited about my education and where it might be able to take me.


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