Harry The Hairless Horse

Upon browsing the internet yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting phenomenon, Harry the hairless horse. Harry was born from what was believed to be two siblings who were bred accidentally, according to some sites who discussed hairlessness in genetics, this is common in other species, although not widely known in horses. Harry is a 15 year old Percheron who literally has little to no hair. Occasionally he grows some hairs out of select follicles but not much…. and he was born with a fair amount of patchy hair that had apparently fallen out in utero.

What I found interesting about Harry is the emotional side of his story. He had ben to one show in his career and the announcer had to announce that he “wasn’t contagious” and that he had been virtually laughed out of a couple of fairs. What is it about his something different that people cannot appreciate him?

Anyhow, Harry is a happy friendly gelding who is just like any other horse and who enjoys babysitting the juniors. He is simply a different kind of beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Harry The Hairless Horse

  1. Awww…I've read about him before. I didn't know about his show experience though, how sad 😦 I bet he's just a big sweetheart just like 99% of the rest of the Percherons out there. I mean just look at that face!

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