n. the¬†understanding and ablitiy to read equine¬†behavior beyond the scope of normal interation Everyone wants that gallop down the beach, bareback, no bridle, just you and your horse relationship, how to get there is the question. Tonight I spent some time watching a Pat Parelli 30 minute show. Pat is an amazing teacher, encouraging just […]

Harry The Hairless Horse

Upon browsing the internet yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting phenomenon, Harry the hairless horse. Harry was born from what was believed to be two siblings who were bred accidentally, according to some sites who discussed hairlessness in genetics, this is common in other species, although not widely known in horses. Harry is a 15 […]


n. lead rope and lunge riding in training. Today was a good day at the barn, mostly spent chatting with friends and hanging out with some of the awesome horses. I had a great ride on my favorite steed, a 17.2 hand appendix QH, Looker. I taught a few decent lessons, no huge breakthroughs which […]

Green Broke

GREEN BROKE n. A horse that has been ground trained, and can be ridden a little, but is not fully trained. So here it begins, I have not ever actually indulged in a real live blog and I am sure it is going to be a difficult thing to keep up with, but I am […]